Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lady Spring

I knew it! I knew that witch, Lady Spring, was not to be trusted. Luckily, I didn't let her lovely days lure me into a false sense of security, I was still ready for her this morning when she hit us with another doozy of a frost, as heavy as any in the dead of winter.

I really shouldn't complain because, once the sun burns away the frost, the days are lovely, as warm as 20C.

Yesterday, as I walked around the farm, I stopped at one stage and stamped my feet in frustration that I don't know how to write well enough to describe the beauty of the day. Or take photos good enough to capture the beauty that surrounds me. A little private tantrum. And I said, "Bloody hell" out loud to make myself feel better. That was one of my father's expressions, it was as close as he came to ever swearing (or at least as close as we his daughters ever heard, maybe the sons heard more, don't know.) Just to hear myself say it out loud (and I say it a lot) always makes me feel better.

At first it seemed strange not to have Georgia's company and to walk in silence which was only interrupted occasionally by a bark from one of the dogs that accompanied me, my Lewey and Georgia's Sam - or me cursing to myself.

It amused me down by the creek to watch Lewey frolicking in the water while Sam stood on the bank and watched him, determined not to get his feet wet. Cute how they demonstrate the traits of their different breeds.

I was surprised, along the creek bank, to find a kowhai with its delicate bell-like flowers, in full bloom. Had never seen it before, then remembered that this time last year I didn't spend many weekends at home on the farm. I was in the throes of what I thought was going to be A Fine Romance, and probably could have been had I been just a tad more patient but I really, really don't like being told what to do so that was that.

The poplars are just starting to show the first green shoots, soon they will be leafy again but I prefer them at this time of year, when they look so grand against a deep blue sky.

I'm sorry my photos are all over the place. I kept losing my internet connection and rushed things a bit when I could get it to work. And now that I've come back to it later I don't want to push my luck. I've calmed down and stopped cursing, it really is frustrating when that keeps happening and I can't see any reason why it should. The day is fine and warm, no storms, no wind, no rain, not even a cloud in the sky.

"Bloody hell" as my dad would say.


  1. Hey Pauline what are you beating yourself up about? There's nothing wrong with your photos. When I'm not in New Zealand I yearn to be there and your photos are part of what keeps me in touch. I think your photos reflect what you see exceptionally well. In fact some are absolutely outstanding (thinking particularly of the Mystical Adventure). As for words. You convey what you see. I have no problem seeing what you are describing through your words. Being you seems pretty accomplished to me.

  2. It's so odd to think of it being early spring there when we're celebrating Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, here. I think your photos and your words are great -- just keep pumping them out!

  3. Beautiful photos and they did capture the day. Amazing to think that you can have ground frost and then have temperatures up to 20 degrees!

  4. A great post - certainly no problems about words or pictures being inadequate. I should say they were as fabulous as the day!!


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