Saturday, September 12, 2009

In memory

It's been haunting me a bit, this photo. Perhaps I should have included it with my other Aged and Weathered things. But despite the age of the stone it didn't look particularly weathered.

There were a few Crawfords at rest in the local cemetery but this one was the oldest. Despite that, there was a healthy lily growing beside the stone and the pretty plastic flowers in a cut off milk bottle didn't look very old.

Lovely to think that someone has been tending the grave of an ancestor who has been there since 1888.


  1. Hugh Crawford must have been a wonderful person if his grave is still attended after all these years. Funny too that the stone is not aged or weathered???!!!

  2. That's very touching. I find standing in front of graves like that always moves me.

  3. 25 years ago, my landlord was a Crawford.

    Like the cala lily, is it grown there?It is Cala lily season, you find them every where.


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