Monday, August 24, 2009

Wearable Art

What a busy couple of days! My younger daughter was visiting for the weekend and my daughter-in-law had wearable art on her mind. It didn't take long before daughter, d-in-law, granddaughters and I had my normally tidy house in total disarray. Each of the granddaughters had a plan or an idea of what they wanted their wearable art costume to be like for the annual show at their school.

Heather arrived with armfuls of material, cardboard, feathers, leaves, cotton wool, old stockings, socks, tshirts. You name it. The theme for this year is Magical Forest. Justine appointed herself project leader and assigned us to teams. Heather and Krystal to work on the Leaf Princess outfit, herself and Shayde on the Mystical Creature outfit and Georgia and me to work on the Feather Fairy's outfit, while also sewing the undergarment for the Leaf Princess. She called a meeting every hour or so for updates, and the girls loved pretending they were part of that reality TV show where designers do their thing. Is it Project Runway? Something like that.

My 40 year old sewing machine was proving its worth once again.

First fitting for the Leaf Princess goes well:

The Mystical Creature is coming together in the kitchen:

The patient Feather Fairy stands up straight for yet another fitting:

Luckily I was too busy most of the time to pay attention to the state of my house!

Good progress was made on the Leaf Princess' top:

Team Feather Fairy are very satisfied with the results at the end of day 1.

Today the little girls were at school but Justine and I had the sewing machine busy again. Justine had a beautiful piece of richly coloured material that she wanted sewn into the same shape as the bag she had with her. That accomplished she decided to make a set of little make up, etc bags.

In the end I think there were four or five little bags of various sizes, plus two little shoulder bags to add to the girls' dress ups box. And Justine was enjoying herself so much she declared she'd like to buy a little sewing machine. I was too stunned to reply! She had been experimenting with putting the little bags together with the hot glue gun and I think the fumes may have been getting at her.

On Saturday, 10 year old Shayde, little Georgia and I went for a long walk up the creek, through the neighbour's property to where the creek comes out of the bush. Pure magic! I'll post the photos on Wednesday, hopefully.


  1. Lots of creating going on here. It sounds like the sewing bug has finally arrived. Good luck shopping for that new machine Justine. Happy days.

  2. That's a lot of hard work but a great outcome.


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