Sunday, August 16, 2009

Waterfall Adventures

"Do you know what farmer lives here", asked Georgia as we stopped on the side of the road to look at the water rushing down out of the hills. I didn't and wondered vaguely why she'd want to know.

"Well, can you find out?"

Gaining interest, knowing when a story is coming my way, I asked was it important.

"Yes, we need to find out the name of the farmer who lives here. Then Daddy can ring him up and ask him can we play in his creek. " (I notice that her dad gets the really important jobs to do.)

"This is the best creek I've ever seen. It could be the best creek in the whole world.

We could climb way up there to the top of the gully,

Then scoot down with the water.

(Her imagination starts to kick in....)
We could fly out over that waterfall,

swish through that culvert, drop out the other side

and scoot on down the creek

to wherever it goes."

Adventure indeed! I didn't have to enquire who "we" were. I just know it would be her and me; you have no idea the feats that child thinks I'm capable of. As I climbed ever so carefully down over a bank to get closer to the bottom of the little water fall I move like a lady my age, a bit cautiously and paying attention to where I put my feet. The child sees an intrepid explorer fighting her way fearlessly through the jungle.

I admit I don't do much to discourage her flights of fancy!


  1. Ah. The enthusiastic unreality of youth. Don't you just love it. Until they actually expect you to perform the feats they have dreamed up for you. Which they seem to do with unremitting regularity. Fortunately I get a six month break each year!

  2. Wonderful pictures of the creek by the way.


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