Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spring Day

It's a typical spring day. Warm for the most part but cold when one of those nasty showers passes over. In the midst of the last shower Georgia appeared on my doorstep, soaking wet and shivering. It's the suddenness of these showers that catch you out. One minute the sun in out and it's a lovely day then whammo! It wasn't raining when she left home only 200 metres away, but as you can see from the state of her gum boots the ground it very wet after a few days of these showers. I don't know if Dora had this sort of exploring in mind really!

Georgia knows how to take advantage of a situation. I don't have a bathtub and a shower is no novelty to her but she knows she will warm up in no time if I put her in the laundry tub full of warm water.

Usually I have some of her clothes here but today all I could find was a pair of knickers. At least that was a start!

This is declared a shopkeeper's "dress" so shops are the order of the day. Add a recent addition to the dress up box and the shopkeeper is open for business.

What a way to spend a wet spring day!

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  1. Pauline, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love the scenery in yours. We live in such different areas. Aren't grandchildren so much fun? Mine just moved away from my town and I miss them terribly.


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