Saturday, August 15, 2009

Judge Georgia

I suppose it is the same everywhere. Can't turn on the TV without seeing a cooking programme. They are on so often even six year olds can't avoid them.

One evening during the week when Georgia was spending some time with me she announced she was hungry and asked for some pasta. She's a fussy eater but loves pasta. OK I told her but you'll have to eat it with just tomato sauce. Which is fine with her, she loves tomato sauce.

As she was eating she went into acting mode and pretended to be tasting her food very carefully, letting the fork linger in her mouth with a faraway look on her face. "Hmmmm", she announced, "I like how you cook. It could be ordinary but it's saved by the secret ingredient, tomato sauce. Yes, I think this could be a winner!"

A few minutes later as she finished eating the pasta she carried on, "And now who will be going home tonight? Going home tonight....ta ra...ta ra... going home tonight is P P P....." I was joining enthusiastically in her game by now and did my best to look dashed. P for Pauline, I knew I was gone. But no! "Going home tonight is P P P Peter!! You won, Pauline. Pauline is the winner! But I must add, your dish could have been improved by some bark. No, not bark, bark isn't the right word, you needed some of the leaves off the bark, you know the stuff you use to make pesto!"

"Oh, it needed some garnish?" I asked her.

"No, not garnish just some chopped leaves will do."

I've been wondering ever since what she thinks garnish is.


  1. Great story, kids can be soo entertaining.

  2. I'm now going to spend ages thinking of potential things that garnish could be!!

  3. Brilliant. Scriptor is always talking about cooking programmes on TV. I don't know whether they have lessened or I just don't notice them any more in the UK. I find them much more obvious in NZ. Particularly as I usually try and see the 6 o'clock News on TV1 which seems to be preceeded by the Food in a Minute advert 7 days a week 52 weeks a year!


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