Monday, August 10, 2009

The best 10 minutes of the day

I had a few hours to fill this afternoon between finishing work and when my healthy eating class started.

The day was a bit overcast and blustery but pleasant enough for a walk I thought. I decided to walk to the tourist information centre which isn't far from work. My shoes weren't designed for going much further than that.

I was sitting under a tree reading a book when the primary school on the other side of the park finished for the day and children spilled out, going in all directions across the park. I put the book aside to watch the kids. I wanted to take a photo of two beautiful little girls hurrying past holding hands, giggling and chatting but thought that might frighten someone. It really upsets me that there is so much distrust and fear in the world and that the innocent act of wanting to capture a beautiful moment can be seen as threatening.

So I resisted the two little girls but then noticed the two little boys. I was able to capture them from a distance so surely that wouldn't have been seen as suspicious. Occasionally the wind would blow a few of their words my way but not enough for me to figure out what the attraction of the drain was. I'm pretty sure whatever it was was imaginary.

By the time they grew bored with whatever it was that took their attention all the other kids had disappeared from sight, headed to their homes . I was starting to worry, thinking "You better get going, boys. Your mums will be looking for you soon." when they finally shrugged and went running off down the road. Two happy, carefree souls.

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  1. Yes. It is such a sad reflection on the society in which we live that we have to protect ourselves so much and that even the most innocuous act can sometimes be seen as threatening. I was photographing a beautiful statue in a bus station recently and was told that taking photos in the bus station was prohibited. I went ahead anyway.


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