Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Williams sisters

Last night I went to bed early with a book. But the book put me to sleep and I awoke around 1.30 am with the light shining in my eyes. One of those little flashes went off in my brain saying, "tennis!"

So I wiled away the rest of the night watching tennis from Wimbledon. One Williams sister is a louder grunter than the other and succeeded in keeping me awake right through their game. Who else can remember when tennis was grunt-free?

Brother Peter sent out an email earlier in the week with new rules to promote interest in women's tennis. Very funny, Centre court is to be preserved for pretty Russian girls with pert buttocks, sylph-like maidens will make soft moaning noises when striking the ball.

I wonder where magnificent creatures like the Williams sisters would be banished to in this new order?

Much and all as I love watching them and admire their domination over the game, I do wish they weren't sisters. I find that makes it hard to choose which one I want to win.

And, honestly, if they continue to dominate like this it could get boring very soon.


  1. LOL! I also was watching Wimbledon and was struck by how much grunting and groaning was going on. And one of the players who played against Serena was grunting AND looked like she was going to fall asleep! Not since John MacEnroe has the game been so interesting to...listen to???

  2. That's funny, Audrey. Wish I'd thought of that!


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