Saturday, July 11, 2009

The sleeping brain

At 4.08 am this morning I sat bolt upright in bed and listened. I didn't know what woke me but I sure as hell was awake. The dog wasn't barking. Must have been a noise from the storm that was raging I told myself and prepared to go back to dreamland.

Then I heard the voice! Coming from the bedside radio. I know that voice I say to myself.....whose voice is that?.....I know that voice. It took me a while to remember who it was - Marty, a guy who occasionally did some work for my former boss, I'd see him maybe once a week, exchange a few words.

Who would have thought his voice was imprinted somewhere in my brain! Enough to wake me, and, believe me, I'm a good sleeper. Amazing!

I turned the radio off so I could get back to sleep and was nearly there when another sound jerked me awake......a drip! Just one little drip. Close. This time I got out of bed and turned on the overhead light as well as the bedside light. I looked and looked but couldn't see a wet spot but luck was on my side. I was bending over feeling all over my bed to make sure the drip wasn't landing on my bed, when the next drip landed on my bum. Aha!

I could see a slightly wet spot on the carpet and fetched a bucket to place over it.

You can imagine the rest of the story, I'm sure.

The next drip sounded more like a gun shot when it hit the bottom of the plastic bucket. Up again, place a small towel in the bottom of the bucket to absorb the sound effect.

But I still heard the next drip, and the next. In the end I turned the radio back on to block out the sound of the drips.

Consequently, I now know quite a bit about Madagascar (the topic on talk back last night)!

I did do a bit of sewing yesterday. Made this from a discarded wool sweater, an old belt and lined it with a piece of cheap material from my favourite thrift shop, Scavengers. I put the ribbing from the bottom around the top.

I certainly don't want to put a foot outside the door today although the storm isn't as bad as it was during the night. Think I'll do a bit more sewing.


  1. G'day Pauline,

    Nice to meet you and I love the bag!!!

  2. Gosh, what a night!
    Once I hear something strange at night, that's it!! I'm awake!


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