Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mid Winter Arts Festival

Right in the middle of a poxy winter, along comes a really lovely day! The mid winter Gods were smiling on Whangarei today for the Arts Festival.

Last night, having a phone catch up, Chris and I decided to go have a look.

Just had to smile every time we saw Miss Piggy and companion.

We didn't see many children around but I think we weren't looking in the right places as there were a number of activities for them. In a back room we found the "Circus School" where kids, young and old were having lots of fun. I saw a lady my age trying to outdo her granddaughter with a hula hoop but resisted the temptation to take her photo.

We stopped to watch these little people making masks. But what made me get my camera out was a little boy sitting at the same table as these girls. The girls were a picture of concentration and they were creating very pretty, glittery masks. The boy, on the other hand, was so obviously there under sufferance. He had managed a red triangle and a green triangle and was scowling at his creation was if he hated it. Which, in fact, he must have because just as I pulled out my camera, he pushed back his chair and walked away. Taking photos is just like going fishing, the good ones get away!

We found the belly dancers having a break in a quiet room but they leapt to their feet and struck a pose when I asked if I could take their photo. I know - I really do take crappy indoor photos.

We only went to two of the four venues but we were in need of coffee and sustenance, and it was such a lovely day, coolish but not cold and no rain (and there has been sooo much rain) that we headed down to the Town Basin. I had outdoor food on my mind for next week's Shoot Out but, as usual, was easily distracted.

Chris is front of the library as we strolled back to the car.

After we'd eaten we wandered along in the sunshine until we came to the playground. I think the kids were celebrating being outside in the sun, too.

And not just the kids.......
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