Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just capital

Just a quick little story.

I know my kids said all sorts of things I thought were cute when they were littlies. But I didn't record any of them and now the things I thought I'd never forget are gone.

I've been trying not to make the same mistakes with my grandkids. Trying to remember to write about the little things they say and do that amuse me.

Georgia is five and just loves school. She is very earnest in her efforts to be a "good girl", to please her teacher and her family. And she loves to apply her learning.

When she eats at my place she likes to use the tiny parfait fork I gave her to use when she was first learning to feed herself. Today, however, after her food was served she returned the little fork to the kitchen utensil drawer and announced, "I'm not going to use the little fork today, I need a capital fork."

The concentration of a 5 year old

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