Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's called bundling.

Listening to the radio as I drive to and from work I am sometimes educated, sometimes amused.

Yesterday morning I learnt there is a term for when you buy something and you get something else with it at no extra cost - "Do you want fries with that?" It's called bundling.

A few weeks ago a guy listed his tractor for sale on Trade Me with $1 Reserve. Buy the tractor and you get the farm free.

A brave move and it paid off. He got a decent price.

(Everyone knows about eBay, right? Here in NZ our on line auction site is Trade Me.)

The latest couple to try the same thing sold a queensize bed for $302,600. The guy who won the bed got a free historic six-bedroom, two-bathroom guesthouse, complete with sauna room, and all furnishings down to the pots and pans.

How mind-bogglingly scary is that? I don't think I'd be tempted into bundling.

The morning before (most of the good stuff seems to happen in the mornings) an expert in his field was being interviewed about electric cars.

He'd given his spiel which was mildly interesting, then the announcer said, "I believe they are extremely quiet. Perhaps you should add a noise for blind people?"

The expert replied, after a slight pause, "Blind people shouldn't really be driving cars."

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  1. LOL! What a great post! It has me thinking what I could sell. Hmmm...I wonder how much I could get for my non-functioning, broken down toaster that I refuse to throw out. I don't think $563,782.00 is too much to ask! Of a blind person. Who is driving a car! Thanks for a very entertaining and intersing post!


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