Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Golden Girl of Letterland

The Golden Girl of Letterland

Last night, as she was drifting off to sleep little Georgia announced she is the golden girl of letterland. She has two gs and so does golden girl - get it, Granny? Where does this kid get this stuff?

This morning I asked did she want to come with me while I went to see if I could find any reflections to take photos of. Naturally she wanted to come with me but why did I want to take photos of reflections? I started to explain what a reflection was but she cut me off saying she knew, she uses a mirror sometimes to see if she looked good, but why would I want to take photos of things in reflections, why not just take a photo of the thing? Why indeed?

I love the simple logic of children!

As it turned out I didn't have to justify what I was taking photos of, as everywhere we looked we just saw floodwater which was so dark and murky and in most places so fast flowing, nothing was reflected, except the recent bad weather.

But Georgia was going with the photography flow and offered to pose with my dog and hers when we got home.

Sam loves Georgia

and Georgia loves Lewey

A bit later she came up with a use for the raggy quilt I made as part of Bev's Aussie Kiwi quilt challenge. Take it off the spare bed and put it on the floor and play Twister with it. I'm glad she couldn't operate the camera to take a picture of the bind she got me into!

Twister on the raggy quilt

She's just now given me a lesson in the power of advertising.

Playing happily on the lounge room carpet with the collection of stones and shells she keeps here she asked, "Do you think this carpet is clean?"

I smugly said of course, as I hadn't long finished vacuuming it.

"Wrong! On TV it said there is dirt deep down in the piles (I think she meant pile) and you can only get it out with this special spray. I didn't see you use any spray, Granny, so you have dirty carpet."

Oh, woe is me! How do you argue against this crap with children?


  1. Okay, Little Ms Golden Girl of letterland is WAY too gorgeous (hmmm...2 g's in gorgeous! It's true - she is the golden girl of letterland!) What a sweet and precocious child she is. You and Georia must have gigantic (2 g's!) fun together. Hugs to her all the way from Canada.

  2. Wonderful post! Hope you got some reflections after all. (Georgia in a mirror sounds a good idea!) I shall check on Friday and see how you fared!!

  3. What a little cutie - and smart as a button too!

  4. She is too funny - I just love her logic. I'm sure you were well impressed about the dirty carpet comment!!


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