Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday Shoot out - Yard Objects

Thanks to Noe Noe girl for choosing the topic for this week - yard objects.

My house has only had a fence around it for a couple of years. Before that the little house just sat in the middle of a cow paddock. I set out to create what I call a "barely contained wilderness" and have succeeded in more ways than one. Most of my yard objects are things I've scavenged from around the farm, bits of old trees I've dragged home, bits of wood I thought were "interesting", rocks I've picked up here and there. I wanted my yard to sit comfortably in its rural surroundings and not compete in any way with the beauty of my mountains.

So I'll start off with things you will find in my yard:

A barbeque, table and chairs, a few pots, a few bricks and a water tank. Yeah, a water tank but it's one of those things that's a bit difficult to move, so there it stays
Shells on a stick in front of one of my "interesting" bits of wood
with the little
pot my granddaughter likes to stick cuttings
into in the foreground.

There are gifts from my grandchildren

Bits of old machinery

Bar bells I found under the house when I moved in

I love my bits of wood

shells and somewhere for spiders

and there's bound to be a couple of fairies

Around the back of the house there is a young passionfruit vine
creeping over an old walker and the body part of an old bicycle .

Now it is starting to climb up the wall through the wheels from the bike.
(What am I going to do when it grows further??)

I'd love to have a wagon wheel like these I spotted during the week as I travelled to and from work.

I stopped to take a photo of the bird bath

and nearly missed this in
an overgrown corner of a garden on the other side of the road.

I'm envious of this old mower blade

and liked this cute little bird house

This imaginative gardener also utilises what comes to hand
Loved this!
and finally....

duck friendly yard object

I hope everyone else had as much fun with this topic as I did. Can't wait to see what others came up with!


  1. What a beautiful and big yard! I'm staying in an apartment, with no yard of my own.:(

  2. Pauline, i love my mountains too, but I do miss the sea as well. I especially loved the ducks and the vine on the bike. Great yard.xx♥

  3. Pauline,lovely Green garden. Enjoy your passionfruit. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow, whata fab yard you have....

  5. Oh that is such a lovley yard. I also love wood - anything natural actually. You are very clever how you have incorporated so many natural elements into your yard decorations. The first shot is amazing! What a lucky lady you are to live in such a beautiful location!

  6. love all the variety in your back yard-both the natural and the structural (love the bike wheels). great post!

  7. What a great yard! Love the big bench with the wheels.

  8. I enjoyed your pictures a great deal. My favorite was the wooden wheel in the fence and the overgrown brush in the other wheels. Excellent backdrop for any pictures. Fantastic!

  9. I loved the look around your yard, the mountains in the background so pretty. great job!

  10. I really enjoyed the barbells - what a creative use for some 'found' objects. (Same for the old bits of machinery).

  11. I like very much the bench of old planks and the wagon wheels. I like your idea of creating 'natural' space. very well done.

  12. What a great collection - certainly put my poor contibution to shame. It's one of the few occasions where being home on Merseyside would have been better than being on holiday on the Isle of Lewis.
    I loved your pieces of wood and shells and all the wheels around the different gardens.

  13. The bike on the wall was amazing and clever.

    Also the easel ...

    Great work Pauline!

  14. I loved this selection of photos!

  15. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I have dropped in at your blogs - honest - but don't have time to comment on every one. Recent heavy rain is wrecking havoc on our old phone lines making it very difficult to hold an internet connection.

  16. I understand about trying to comment on everyone...I loved yours as well...ducks, fairies...and one of the fairies looked like it was beside a pink barbell weight...I guess when fairies pump iron they pump pink iron.

  17. What a beautiful walk through yours and others the finish of the ducks drinking, how on earth did they let you get so close? You must be a wonderful soul, and they sensed it!

    I actually am going through everyones posts that is on the list, cannot help myself!


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