Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Outdoor Food

Girlichef - Indiana really got me thinking a lot about this topic. "Outdoor food" - is that food that is eaten outside? And therefore photos of food? I thought photos of people taking their food outdoors would be easier. But is that cheating? Or maybe just me being too literal.

See, here is a photo of a picnic by the creek.
You can't actually see any food but you can see that Pam is eating

and a young family eating their food outdoors:

I came upon the remains of what someone packed for their outdoors lunch:

Whereas this, to me, is literally outdoor food:

we have lots of this stuff:

or this - a crop of maize grown to feed the cows. They look like they are enjoying it:

or food made especially for dogs:

Some outdoor food has to be shared with other outdoor creatures:

and we all need some garnish on our food:

This might be closer to what is expected:

Strolling ladies with icecreams

Our typical outdoor food

My mate, Marty - famous for his smoked eels

But before the eating comes the gathering of food:

Mud crabbing


Some wait outdoors for their food:

Sometimes you have to compete for food outdoors:

Plenty of outdoor food and food outdoors here - and all of it for me??

I dunno. I'm still confused! But it was fun anyway! :)


  1. Pauline, good morning, what a delight but smoked eels (yeweee!) You shot of mud crabbing is nice on many levels and I liked it a lot.
    the best part though was to get to the 3rd down I had to look through two other entries with beautiful shots. have a great day.

  2. you did a bang up job on this post! many different perspectives of outdoor food. great job!!

  3. Great variety of shots. love all the interpretations. Although I cannot eat lamb (my husband loves it) it's simply too precious.

  4. Great ideas and shots - I thought the lamb was funny and cute.

  5. Mussel fritters ...I want to try some now.

  6. Never heard of mussel fritters or smoked eels...interesting! Love the shot of the sheep in the field. The grass is so green! Great photos.

  7. Pauline, the shot of you having the food to yourself was my favorite. Such a devilish grin!


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