Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to spring colour

Every day I notice more and more colour returning to my winter world. With every sighting of another bloom my spirit lifts a little. Soon, soon it will be spring!

A pretty tree by the school gate

Now, I am not usually a great lover of spring. I think we get our most unpredictable weather in spring. It's the season full of nasty tricks. You are enticed into believing the worst of winter is over by a show of spring blossoms, then, wham, there's sure to be a nasty storm. Any show of the sun and feeling of warmth has to be treated with great caution because any minute it could all change. I have been known to mutter, "You can keep your daffodils and cute little lambs - I hate spring!"

But for now that doesn't matter. The colour is more than welcome.


  1. Ah. My Daddy always told me that I should never hate anything. That's why Spring comes and bites you on the bum. It knows that you have, on occasion, uttered that word.

    I'm sad to say that I've never really experienced a full spring in New Zealand because I don't ususlly arrive until the end of October (I did arrive once in September) bur even then in Hawkes Bay the unpredictability sometimes persists.

    Your spring photos do look cheerful though and are in sharp contrast to the miserable emails and calls I'm getting from others in my New Zealand home.

  2. I adore spring are getting it MUCH earlier than we are ..although there are a few jonquils out.

  3. Ooops, GB, I feel like you've caught me blaspheming but, honestly, I thought the weather was as exception.
    I live in the north, Sarah, so spring reaches us first! And I didn't notice the first blooms until last Saturday. We've had two frosts where I live this week, so no blooms in my garden yet.


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