Monday, July 20, 2009

Ducks or geese?

About a week ago, heading to work in heavy rain, flashes of white caught my eye at the little causeway. Ducks, I thought. Really? Ducks? Domestic ducks? Surely not. I haven't seen any white ducks down this road before. The causeway is just past the swampy area where pukeko (our native swamp hen) and peacocks hang out, so could make an ideal duck hang out.

I've seen them nearly every morning since but they were not close enough for me to make out whether they are ducks or geese - and I wanted to know! They are never there when I return from work.

Until this afternoon! It was raining and I took the photo out of the car window and still got a wet arm. A couple of pukeko are in the background.

See, they're domestic ducks, aren't they? They're a long way from their home if they are. There are no houses nearby but maybe domestic ducks range over a large area - I wouldn't have a clue.

These two are wild ducks (the same as in my shoot out photo) that have more or less taken up residence beside this puddle in the paddock next to my house. Nice neighbours!

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  1. Hmmm...I think you are right. They look like wee albino ducks! At first glance, I also thought ducks, but they DO luck rather duck like. Interesting.


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