Saturday, July 11, 2009

The boys are on duty

It's a horrid day. Bleak, the rain being driven horizontally by the wind, and cold. I did have plans to sew today but my fingers go numb if taken too far from the heater so I will limit their movements to tapping out a quick post followed by turning the page of my book.

I noticed about an hour ago that my mate, Lewey, had been sitting in the same spot for ages, looking intently off to the right. I followed his gaze but couldn't see what is holding his attention.

Just a few minutes ago he was joined by his friend, my grand-daughters' dog, Sam. They are great mates, these two. Unlike the other dogs on the farm who have a purpose, these two have idle time to pass, so why not spend it together?

Now they are both staring off to the right and I am more intrigued than ever. What are they looking at? What can they see (or hear) that I can't?

I will be able to lose myself in my book knowing the boys are on duty.


  1. that is so cute! did you get down to their level and look out? I am curious also as to what they are seeing.....

  2. Hi Doreen, I had to creep up on them a bit and take the photo through the glass door, luckily it looks clean in the pic! They kept up their watch for ages! I didn't figure out what was holding their attention.

  3. I would have had to know what they were watching so intently before I could loose myself in anything. lol!


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