Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you, Saint Parascheva

At last it is done. I wish, oh how I wish, that I felt hugely gratified by having met the challenge. Instead I just feel relief that it is finished.

Bev, the quilting evangelist, the zealous advocate of all things quilting, challenged her sister, Chris and me to make a raggy quilt. Neither Chris nor I knew what a raggy quilt was but Bev, with the patience of a true reformer, explained it to us and sent us instructions.

Some of my siblings have loads of patience, some have little to none. That gene is very random. My sisters have it in spades, I missed the boat completely. Trish is a fantastic seamstress, crafts amazing creations, including beautiful quilts. Along with the patience she has artistic flair, another gene that passed me by. My sewing projects are purely practical and I like them to progress quickly, to see a result without hours and hours of input. Quick, if not instant gratification is more my thing.

So why did I say yeah, OK, I'll give it a go? I honestly don't know because it has tested me sorely. More than ever before I admire those who produce those handcrafted works of art. Quilting truly is an artform.

So here's my raggy quilt, Bev. I love the little cushion, that was quick and easy. I plan to make another three and give one to each of my grand-daughters. I think they will like them.

When 5 year old Georgia was at my place a couple of days ago I was bringing the quilt in off the clothesline and said to her, "Do you like the little blanket I made?" She looked at it quizzically and said, "Don't you mean quilt?" How can a five year old know about these things?

I am now giving thanks to both Saint Anne and Saint Parascheva. Someone really should sort out which one is the patron saint of sewing. Maybe Saint Anne could help with the humble sort of sewing I do and Saint Parascheva could provide assistance to the more exotic quilters.

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  1. Pauline, Congratulations on your quilt. I have just gone into shock again. I realised I set this challenge on the 1st of June. What a fast result. Thanks for joining in the challenge.


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