Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely visitors

I've been blogging for 5 months now. Doesn't seem that long. I wonder how many blogs of others I've looked at in that time. Safe to say hundreds at least. First of all I added many to my Bookmarks and visited them regularly. Over those few months, that list has changed a bit, some have been dropped off for one reason or another - and others have been added.

Funny thing is My Favourite Links hasn't changed since I first started. Until last week, that is, when I added my brother's sailing blog. I was lucky to be directed to Mike and Bev and they have inspired me, in different ways. I stumbled across Barry all by myself and he remains what I aspire to. The blogger whose writing ability I envy, the story teller I dream of becoming.

Just recently I have added myself as a Follower of a few blogs I particularly enjoy.

I very rarely leave comments on the blogs of those I visit. Adding myself as a Follower takes long enough to test my patience. Only those who have dial up internet in an area where the telephone lines haven't been upgraded since they were first installed will understand. It's slow at the best of times, worse when there has been rain and sometimes the connection just keeps dropping out, over and over, for no apparant reason until, in the interest of my mental health, I just have to walk away.

So, to leave a comment I must first decide what else I want to achieve today, how long do I have. I guess because I leave so few comments I get over excited when I see a comment on my blog.

Barry left a comment about my Friday Shoot-out. I have been touched by the master!

I know it's silly but I am so thrilled about it!!


  1. Thank you for visiting my site and becoming a follower. Alaska here in the States has been identified as the State with the slowest internet in the nation. Though I don't have to listen to the scream and whine of dial-up internet anymore, I still have to deal with the slowness of DSL.

    Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for what I have.

  2. You make me laugh, you act the same as me!! Put the blogs on favs to start and go from there..
    Take care

  3. Thanks for visiting, Bob and Jude. It's comforting to know I have something in common with others! :)


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