Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Mt Town Shoot Out - the letter M

I had a plan. Nature had another plan. My plan was to take the camera, get in the car and drive in search of things M. Because around here at the moment it is all mud and moisture - and heaps of manure. Things maritime were beckoning, the marina and its masts.

Nature's plan was for lots and lots of rain, and then some real heavy rain. During the week the creek burst its banks, yesterday it started to creep over the road, today I could leave the district by taking the back roads through the high country but don't want to go out in this weather.

I figure a challenge is meant to be a challenge, right? So let's see what I could find at my fingertips.

A little money. Coins from Canada, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan.

Magnetised things on the fridge.

Just mud.

An M from my childhood - Martin Murphy's hut.
(But I think this photo is even older than I am as I dont' remember that little building in the background.

and the old milking shed on my grandparents farm.

Muddy tracks leading to our old farm gate.

Kaipara Harbour looking like a millpond after an early morning frost.

Mud crabbing on the Kaipara Harbour at Tapora

And, also part of Nature's plan.....

This pic landed in my In Box just as I was about to Post, so they are obviously for sharing.

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