Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frazzled brain

New job equals frazzled brain. But there are at least twenty faces I can immediately put a name to, so I think I'm coping. And, honestly, the other staff are the most positive, friendliest bunch I've ever come across in a workplace. They all seem to enjoy their work. Even the ones you've "heard" that I'm Australian haven't been having a dig.

Seems like there is a very health grapevine! On Day One a lady asked did she detect a slight Aussie accent and by Day Three a man who stopped me in a corridor to introduce himself, is telling me how he loves "I Love a Sunburnt Countrty" - and is reciting it word for word! A Kiwi reciting an Aussie poem, now that was a new experience! Except he thought it was written by Banjo Patterson and I didn't want to appear a smart arse by telling him it was Dorothea McKellar.

This brain needs some time out!

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