Monday, June 1, 2009

Bev, the evangelist

Bev has gone all evangelistic! She's become a zealous advocate for her cause. Either that or she is slightly deranged. I prefer the alternative.

In a, it's fine if you stay away from me sort of way, I admire people who are so fervent about their cause. I admire the Jehovah Witnesses who crawl over the countryside knocking on doors, seeking an opportunity to spread their light. Especially out here in a rural area where they have to drive from farm to farm, get in and out of cars, decide whether this or that farm dog is dangerous or not. Only to have doors closed to them. I have even been known to feel guilty about not wanting to hear their message. Doesn't mean I listen, I just feel guilty about not listening.

So I could have done that to Bev. Could have (should have maybe?) said, "Sorry, Bev, not interested. Don't want to be one of your disciples. It's not really my thing. You're mistaking me for my sister, Trish. And you want me to convert your sister to the cause, as well? Are you crazy?" No, I said I wasn't going to think that way, didn't I?

I will make very sure that accepting Bev's challenge will not lead to a life of addiction, I won't become a fanatic, a material junkie. And what if I do? The devil could find worse things for me to do with my idle hands.

I have agreed to make a quilt, a raggy quilt which, from what I can gather is akin to dipping a toe in the water to test the temperature - anyone can do it. If the end result looks anything like a quilt that will truly be miraculous.


  1. Hi Pauline, I am so glad that you and Chris have taken up this little challenge.I will have you doing some English Paper Piecing before the year is out!!!! Happy days.

  2. Yeah, sure, Bev. And you might have me doing the strip in the middle of the paddock, too. Fiddly stuff does that to me!

  3. Having made a few, they are NOT difficult at all and rather fun. The thing is that it's an all-in-one process and the quilt is quite complete once you are finished. You don't have to make the top, sandwich the layers and then quilt it. All the steps are done together.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Delores. You make hats!! What a wonderful, talent!


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