Monday, May 4, 2009

Lousy dream

I’ve discovered there’s a big difference between what I dream when I’ve been sewing and my usual dreams. I don’t even know if its dreams that I’m talking about. Is there a name for the state where you are asleep and thinking about something and it wakes you. If that’s dreaming, then it’s seriously over-rated. I prefer my dreams to be a bit more adventurous and entertaining than that.

Like the dream I had last Tuesday night when I was staying at my friend’s home. I dreamed she was coming in and out of the bedroom where I was sleeping looking for shoes. Then she sat on my bed, very upset that she had put some little treasure into ‘anti rust gel’ and it hadn’t worked, it was still rusty. Can’t remember what the little treasure was though. When I awoke I was very surprised that there was no shoe box on the foot of my bed – that’s when I realized it had been a dream.

And what is ‘anti rust gel’ anyway? Next time I’m in a hardware store I must enquire if there is such a product.

Last night my mind seemed to be grappling with a sewing problem for hours, don’t know how many times it woke me. It’s not as if there is a real problem, or there’s expensive material involved. The material was out of the remnants bin and I’m only making little bags, like make up bags. I’d cut out the material yesterday afternoon but the light faded before I got around to doing the sewing. Even with good glasses I can’t thread a needle at night – and I refuse to wear those hobby magnifying monstrosities. Anyway, I have knitting to do at night. Yeah, I know my life is all excitement! Control your envy!

As soon as I got up this morning I made a beeline to the material and added a few pins to see if it was going to work out as I intended. No potential problem at all! So, what the hell was that silly dream all about?

I was looking for a problem where none exists. Have I become like that with other things as well? Has negativity crept into my psyche? No, no, please, no!! Have I lost confidence when it comes to sewing? Have I lost confidence in myself?

See how a silly dream can lead to so much trauma? And the dream was sparked by an activity. Oh hell, it’s bad enough remembering to only drink decaf coffee after mid day if I want a good night’s sleep. Do I now have to be careful what activity I do as well? Is this an aging thing?
Maybe sewing has to join coffee under the “not after lunch time” heading.

Please note I do not call it a list. Two items does not a list make.

Oh, by the way, the sudden sewing urge was kick-started when I picked up my friend's little camera bag last week. The bag was made for her by her sister, Bev. ( Bev, is a very creative craftsperson who helped me when she was visiting NZ at the time I got this crazy blog idea. So muggins thinks , "I could make one of those!" And now I'm off on a sewing bender. Don't know whether to say thanks, Bev or blame you for a lousy dream.

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