Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Shoot out

I really feel like I've joined the blogging world now. I'm joining a gang of bloggers who every Friday have a My Town Shoot Out on a chosen subject. Thank you so much for the welcome, Reggie Girl.

Trouble is, I don't have a town. I live a good 35 minute drive from any town so I've decided to define as 'my town' the area in which I live my day to day life. This takes me to Whangarei occasionally - to visit the doctor, see a movie, etc - and to Ruakaka once a week. Last week my activities took me to Waipu as well.

This week's topic is water. Both Whangarei and Ruakaka are by the sea so there is no shortage of water. And here on the farm we have two little creeks. The road to either Whangarei or Ruakaka wends its way beside the creek into which our little streams feed. And, of course, there are no livestock on a farm without water, it's our lifeblood. So I will concentrate on water in its raw state.

The rain starts up here in the mountains

Flows past us in this little stream, after rain recent in this shot

A better place for children to play when there hasn't been rain for a while.
Note the fancy water line strung across the stream.

Water is a child magnet (just don't forget your ladder)

and a dog magnet too

and still looks beautiful after its been sitting around for a while.

You can see how close to the road the creek is.
Little wonder the road is so prone to flooding.

Ruakaka Beach with Marsden Point Oil Refinery in the background

At the beach, water plays with sand

Creates its own art gallery

Waipu Museum sign reflected in a carpark puddle

A quiet backwater

And of course there is always....

A water baby!

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