Saturday, April 4, 2009

She's a lovely girl, that one

I think everyone knows people who, when they hear their name, say something silly like "Lovely girl" or "Top bloke".

My youngest daughter has such a friend. When they were teenagers Justine just had to say Adelle's name and I would sprout, "Ahh, she such a lovely girl, that Adelle." This was repeated so often that Justine could mouth the words back at me as I sprouted them.

I also have such a friend. Well, not just one, I think nice thoughts about all my friends when I hear their names.

About five years ago a young University student needed somewhere to live while she worked over the holidays for my son on the farm at Tapora. And an unlikely friendship developed between a late 50s me and a young 20s Renee. For three months we talked (gossiped sometimes) and laughed our way through our respective lives.

Renee has one of those happy, sunny natures you don't honestly believe exist in the real world. You know, you keep waiting for the temper tantrum or bout of moodiness that will prove them real. She can talk the leg off an iron pot but in also a bit shy until she feels comfortable. And I'm a bit the same except for the shy bit.

After the sharing of my roof in Tapora, Renee went back to finish her studies and we have kept in touch in an off again, on again sort of way.

Last night Renee visited for the night. I was disappointed her boyfriend wasn't with her because I wanted to embarrass her by telling him what a lucky guy he is. (She embarrasses easily and blushes so satisfactorily!)

This morning as she was preparing to leave she remembered a time we were down at the hut at the beach and my little truck wouldn't start. Renee said, "When that happens to my father's car, he just gives it a kick like this." And guess what! Different makes and models respond in the same way to a well placed kick!

I'm so happy to have seen her again. She's a lovely girl, that Renee.

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