Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday night entertainment

I clearly don't have enough to think about. I've just spent the weekend reflecting on a little incident that took place on Friday evening.

My friend Chris met me when I knocked off work at 3 pm. We intended to see a movie at the Whangarei Film Society, where we occasionally go on a Friday evening for the 6 pm session. So we had three hours to kill.

I'm sure if either of us had wanted to do the dress shops the time would have flown past but neither of us had any shopping to do, apart from Chris' need for four red peppers, some fly spray and some tea light candles. Interesting shopping list, huh?

We passed some time having a very early dinner at KFC, then wandered downtown to Vinyl, a favourite little cafe, for coffee. It was while we were there that the incident unfolded.

Chris went to the toilet and I was sitting in a comfy low chair with a good view of the door. Didn't have my glasses with me, couldn't pick my a magazine to browse, so settled to some serious people watching.

A tall slim lady, mid fortyish, came in and peered around, obviously looking for someone. Went back outside, looked down the lane, then came back in.

This time I caught her eye and gave her a bit of a smile, just acknowledging that I could see that the person she was looking for hadn't arrived yet. No other meaning.

Just the sort of smile you give to someone when you can identify with their situation.

At this time I was the only female in the cafe sitting on my own and she approached me. I'm thinking that will teach me to smile at just anyone, now she is going to tell me her troubles and pour her heart out to me.

But no, she tentatively asked, "Are you Sue?" When I shook my head and said no sorry, she said, "Didn't think so. I've arranged to meet an old friend here but I haven't seen her for years and years and to be honest I can't remember what she looks like."

No sooner had she moved to the bar and ordered a drink, than another young woman entered, looked around, then approached the first lady.

"Sue!" I heard the first lady exclaim as they embraced, "So good to see you again!" I was chuckling to myself and trying to hear the rest of the conversation when Chris returned.

We left soon afterwards and as we stood to leave I told Chris to get a good look at the two women at the bar on our way out, and pay particular attention to the shorter of the two.

Sue was at least 25 years younger than me, about 4 inches shorter and 10kgs lighter. She had wildly curly hair which looked very natural and I have extremely straight hair.

In what nightmare could Sue have looked like me I wonder?

It gave us such a laugh. Quite set the mood for our evening.

Which, didn't, in the end, involve a film as there was a Rotary Convention at Forum North where the Film Society usually meets.

We did, however, briefly gatecrash the Rotary do.

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