Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daylight Savings Fool

The end of daylight saving. The end of the golden weather.

Saturday night, along with all my countrymen and as instructed by all the good newscasters, I turned my clocks back. Monday morning seemed colder than usual and my thoughts were bleak. It always seems to me that the minute we start fiddling with the clocks, winter takes that as a cue to arrive.

You can play with clocks all you like but the good old body clock can't be fooled quite so easily.

This morning I awoke, checked for daylight to see if it might be nearing alarm time, saw light coming through the hallway door, so checked the clock. It will go off in five minutes I told myself, so headed for the shower.

Half an hour later I was trundling off to work. Probably still half asleep, my auto pilot is very reliable in the morning. 12 kms down the road I came to the corner with the local school on it and this woke me up. Only one car was there, no school buses, no parents dropping kids off, all was quiet.

Wondered what was going on. Our school takes care of the education of our young from when they first enter school at five, until they check out of secondary school. It's divided into a Junior School and a Senior School but basically it's a one stop shop (make that school). So even if the Junior School is away on some adventure or other, there is always activity around the school gates.

Stopped at the corner, checked my watch. You have guessed where this is going, haven't you? Yes, diddums was wending her happy way to work an hour early!

Being on the road an hour earlier has its advantages. Less traffic to start with. No rush. I even stopped to take a photo of the fog lifting from the valley.

Tomorrow I will get it right. The time, that is. I'll put my glasses on to see the little hand of the clock, not concentrate on the big hand.

Or maybe I won't, maybe I'll just leave my body clock alone.

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