Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too tired/lazy/unmotivated/something

For the time being I'm resigning myself to being a weekend only blogger. Have to admit that by the time I get home from work I am too stuffed mentally to write a blog. Who wants to hear about the mind blowing monotony of data entry, 11 digit serial numbers? Numbers have never been my thing and I find entering the same digits over and over just too boring for words. We need more basic digits to break the monotony!

We were meant to be moving premises tomorrow but that plan has been shot so far out of the water we are now looking at a week from today. And something tells me that is being a bit ambitious. So our stock, which I have been watching like a hawk, keeping just enough on hand to get us through till tomorrow so there wouldn't be too much to move, is now frightfully inadequate and the next orders will be arriving at the new premises, so someone will have to go to retrieve them - and who has the time?

And I stopped smoking a week ago so the first technician to have a crack at me about lack of stock is likely to loose his head. Today I felt a dreadful urge to rip someone's head off and drop kick it to hell! Fighting such urges requires a lot of energy. There's not much left for blogging.

Never know, I might surprise myself and come home with a spurt of energy one day!

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