Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to work

Today I began 8 weeks work, back where I worked until last July (when I was made redundant). It was interesting to see what had changed, what was the same. Good to see the old faces again.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I gave a vague thought to how much I could remember of the programme most of my work is done in, and decided it had all gone. I had about half a minute of panic thinking perhaps I would have to learn the whole process all over again.

But no, most of it just came back as I went along and what I couldn't remember my dear old self had written up in a manual. If I'd remembered the manual I wouldn't have lost that half minute of sleep.

Wasn't going to make a post tonight and was idly looking through Facebook at Leone's photos from Pouto when it dawned on me that there was an awful lot of backwards and forwarding with a tractor past my house. At 8.30 pm!

When you mind is elsewhere you don't notice what is happening right under your nose, do you?

There's a severe storm warning out for tonight and I put Lewey (the dog) away and fed him early so I wouldn't have to go out in the rain later. So I have been aware of the strengthening wind and the fact that it was darker earlier than usual.

I've figured out what all the activity in the dark is about. Danny must be bringing in silage in a race against the elements.

Hope he doesn't get all gung ho on the tractor like he did on his daughter's little 100cc motor bike at the weekend.

I know it is mean spirited to laugh at another's mishaps (especially when it is one of your dearly beloved children) but for those who witnessed it, Danny's demonstration of how to ride a motorbike in the sand was the funniest thing that happened all weekend. And I just HAVE to share!!

Danny shows how it is done.

And undone!

And Leone did get a couple of shots of me and my exhilarating buggy ride! A bit blurry but I think you can see how much fun I was having!

How can the hill look so small in a photo?

"That was such fun!"

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