Sunday, March 1, 2009

Memory Lane

It was memory lane all the way this weekend. So many memories flooding in as we ventured down to Pouto. Justine and Bill met me in Maungaturoto and I went the rest of the way with them. Justine was conceived in Pouto but has never been back there except for two days as a 10 day old baby (useless information) so she was interested to learn what all the talk of this place over the years was all about. From time to time I would be telling her and Bill about something we were passing and before I could finish another memory would be shouting in my head for attention. It’s a wonder I wasn’t hoarse by the time we got there.

Because Justine is the photographer in the family I didn’t take many photos. But I couldn’t resist a couple of shots. My Pouto blog will have to wait until she and Leone send me their photos from the weekend. I hope one of them got a shot of me doing the wild thing in a dune buggy with an old, old friend who we established I haven’t seen for over 30 years. Funny, how time changes nothing. We were like the 30 somethings we had been back then.

But this is the lovely little Pouto School where Danny, Leone and Bernie all started their education in NZ – it was Leone and Bernie’s first school. (And it's grown since they went there!)

And, anyway, I'm a bit tired now.

Till tomorrow!

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