Friday, March 13, 2009


Lugubriosity - now that's word I just love the sound off. I don't think I've ever said it out loud, would probably get tripped up and make it sound like an ill fated trip to the toilet.

But I hate the feeling.

Especially when it hits me and I know not why. Bloody hell, it's Friday night, the workaday week is over and Rove (my favourite Aussie light relief comedy show) is awaiting me in a few hours.

As always when a strange mood takes hold of me I try to analyse from whence if came. Perhaps I caught it from someone at work? It might be one of those contagious things! Yikes!

I did my best to shake it off after I left the office, exchanged smiles with everyone who met my eye in the supermarket, service station and hardware store. But, no, it persists. A weird feeling of gloom.

Having typed the word 'gloom' I'm going to give thanks it is not a feeling of doom that hangs over me, cheer up and have my dinner.

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