Sunday, March 22, 2009

The fairies have invaded the workplace

Working in the real world for a while has it's advantages. Like pay day! And the mental challenge. I'm working where I have worked before (and not all that long ago) so it should not be such a great challenge, right? Wrong! I've discovered it only takes about 6 months to forget a whole heap of stuff. And three weeks to remember (not discover, remember) the best way to do the simplest of things.

One day last week the cogs dropped into place again. While sorting the paperwork for the day I automatically sorted in "old" way. These go front right of the desk, these front left, these behind me beside the keyboard, these in the bin. I felt positively joyous! Lots of positive inner talk - "You haven't lost it yet, old girl!"

Such joy can be shortlived. An hour later I was once again wandering around in search of my glasses. Muttering to myself, of course.

"I know I had them on because I was using a sharp knife and didn't want to cut myself when there is no-one around to come to my assistance should I be bleeding to death. I put the knife down here, hey where the hell has that knife got to? I'm sure I put it down here! No, don't worry about the knife for now, you have to find the glasses. Then we'll worry about the knife."

Muttering may have been an understatement, the muttering may have turned into something else. What is a loud mutter? When a voice spoke behind me I jumped in a way I should be quite proud of these days, I swear my feet left the ground and they are not in the habit of doing that of late.

The youngish technician was implored to help me find the specs and to persuade him to do so I said the silliest of things.

Still a bit embarrassed about it. My only explanation was the frustration.

I said, "Shane, it has never been easy being me and now it's just getting bloody harder!"

It's true but I shouldn't have said it out loud, should I?

PS The glasses were sitting on my desk, the knife had been returned to its rightful place in the workshop. Did I forget to put my glasses on before using the sharp knife? Maybe I should be more worried about that!

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  1. Hello Pauline,

    I love what you said. Very funny. I often tell people who aren't busy try to live my life. I also had the same trouble with my sunglasses, I was walking around the house looking for them. Where were they?? On my head!!Happy days to you.


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