Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't distract me

Sometimes my head is just too full of too many things and I just can't sort out which one to give priority. And I always thought I was good at sorting my priorities.

Today is one of those days. I was trying so hard to concentrate on winning tonights Lotto draw, being single minded about sending my message out to the Universe. I have a concrete plan for what to do with the winnings and it is the worthiest of causes. I've even got my head around how I could fly south to prove my possession of the winning ticket and fly from there to Oz for the weekend and set the wheels in motion for my plan.

And I stuffed it up, didn't I? Allowed myself to be distracted from the positive Universe messages to play drug dealer detective.

Right, this shall not happen on Saturday. From now till then I shall think of nothing else.

I am going to prove that every clarevoyant over the years who has told me my physical and emotional daily needs will be met but I will never be rich, has been wrong, wrong, wrong. No wait, they could still be right. My plan is not about making myself rich, except in the emotional sense. I will emotionally richer than ever I could have imagined.

I cannot be distracted to write about anything else!

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  1. very very cute and good luck!!!!


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