Thursday, February 5, 2009

Georgia goes to Brazil

“I’m going to tell you a story today. It’s called Doofus and Georgia go to Brazil to see Uncle Bernie.”

“Just wait a tick while I get a coffee and get comfy. Are you going to read it or tell it, Georgia?” I asked.

“Tell it from my ‘magination’” is the reply and began her story.

“Georgia went out into the garden and found Doofus hiding under a tree. He had grown huge, bigger than any duck you’ve ever seen. Georgia was very happy. She wanted Doofus to take her to Brazil to see Uncle Bernie.

He said he would and Georgia climbed on to his back. They circled the farm to say goodbye then went down to the creek and followed it out to sea. They flew a long way, Doofus knew the way.

“Did they fly high up in the clouds or down low near the waves?” I asked.

“A bit up high, a bit down low because it is very boring on plane trips. They saw sharks and whales in the sea! That’s when they went up high. They saw black rain clouds and went the other way. They saw Brazil but Doofus and Georgia didn’t know where Uncle Bernie lived, they didn’t know whether to turn right or to turn left, so they came back home again.”

“Oh, what a shame!” said Granny. “Next time go to the airport and ring Uncle Bernie to come and meet you!”

“Granny, why are you always so silly! You know ducks can’t land at airports!”


  1. That is the cutest story. Shes one bright cookie...:Dont you know that ducks cant land at airports.
    I love it!

  2. Yes, Val, she is a bright little spark - and very lovable with it! :)


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