Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Uncle Bernie sends directions to Brazil

I've been in Auckland for a few days. While I was away I received a reply from my son Bernie to my recent post of "Georgia goes to Brazil".

Here it is:

Hello Georgia, its your Uncle Bernie here, I want to pass on to you some instructions for you to come to Brazil, so that next time you can come and visit me.

Tell Doofus to fly to Langs Beach and then to continue flying over the sea, she will need to fly and fly and fly, there is a lot of sea to fly over, the entire width of the Pacific Ocean! If you like you can stop off at Easter Island, I don’t know why its called Easter Island, there are no easter eggs there, but they have some very big statues – could it be that there are easter eggs inside the statues?

After that continue to fly east again, soon you will come to Chile, I don’t know why it’s called Chile but when you get there I am sure you will find it very chilly! You can stop here a little bit and visit the giant ice glacier, higher than a rugby field! Here you can see huge chunks of ice falling from the glacier into the light blue glacier lake below, you can also see mountains which look like they have been chopped in half!

After that go north, straight up, you will fly over the Andies Mountains and some of the highest mountains in the world, mountains that are twice as high as the highest mountains in New Zealand! They are so high that it is difficult to breath, the air is so thin. Tell Doofus to keep on flying until she reaches a huge desert, have a stop here to look, it’s really interesting, the Atacama dessert is the driest dessert in the world! It hasn’t rained here for 100’s of years! It is like being on the moon, there are also lots of active volcanoes around with smoke rising from their peaks.

Keep flying just a little more and you will come to a huge lake – made of salt!!! Imagine that! It is white as far as the eye can see, and in the middle there is a little island with cactus (cacti) everywhere! Huge cactus taller than you and me!

After that fly east again, soon you will come to the giant Iguaçu falls, the most amazing waterfalls in the world! Wow! Look at all that water fall! So many waterfalls! Look at the rainbows forming in the middle of the waterfalls! Stop here and have a little swim in the warm water below and let Doofus have a drink and a quick rest.

Now you can fly north again, look down, you will see lots and lots of flooded land, remember how your Dad’s farm gets floods sometimes? Well, here is always flooded! Remember how lots of birds go to water in the flood? This is the same, thousands of birds live here, but watch out if you want to land - lots of crocodiles live here to, other animals too, like deer and jaguar! So I suggest you don’t stop here, keep going!

When the land is dry again and turns real flat, you can turn right a little bit, when you see a big city surrounded by mountains, then you have come to my city, it is called Belo Horizonte, which means beautiful horizon. I know Doofus can’t land at the airport but there is a big lake called Pampulha which has a funny shaped church and lots of other ducks for Doofus to talk to. The ducks there can tell you where I live.

See you soon!

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