Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta love a Northlander

Chris' roses

I have to leave my childhood stories for a day at least – life has just been so good and happy I feel compelled to share some of the sunshine I’ve been finding around me.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to my friend Chris’ place near Ruakaka for our weekly exercise class. When I got to the corner where I turn right to go south on S H 1, there were two cars waiting to turn right ahead of me and south bound traffic was at a stand still, backed up as far as the eye as seen in either direction. North bound traffic was slowly coming through but there was nothing happening for those travelling south. A minute or so later a utility came up behind me but positioned over to the left a bit so I could see he intended to turn left but there wasn’t enough space for him to get past me to make the turn.

I figured if I could back up a bit I could come forward another foot or two to the right and that might make space for him to go forward. So I put the car into reverse hoping he would see the reversing lights.

Watching him in the rear view mirror, I could see when he saw them and he too backed up. So I made the little manoeuvre (why doesn’t my spell check like traditional English spelling?) and he inched past with a toot and a wave. OK, so that’s my day made. Doesn’t matter how long I have to sit here waiting for this queue to clear and have a chance to make the right turn. I’ve been nice to someone and they have appreciated it. And I’m keeping my promise to myself to be happy in small ways.

But my day just got better. The south bound queue began to slowly inch forward. The first vehicle ahead of me was a school mini bus so I wasn’t terribly surprised when, almost immediately someone waved them to come across into the stream of traffic. After all ,most of us know how worrying it can be if the school bus is late. But within seconds the car immediately in front of me was given the go ahead by another courteous driver. Thinking well those two got lucky but not to worry I’m in a good mood and no great hurry, I hardly noticed that the very next vehicle was also stopping and a man was giving me the come across and get in front of me signal. Bloody hell, I was so busy smiling and waving my thanks to the driver, I practically zigzagged across the road to take my place in the traffic.

This being happy in small ways lark (thank you, Edith Wharton) is just the best idea I’ve ever come across. Honestly! I was driving down that road, shouting with delight, “I love living in Northland. I love Northlanders. Would this happen anywhere else?” Maybe. Don’t know. But it happens here where I live and that’s what’s important to me.

So you’d think my day couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong. My friend Chris is a warm, positive constant in my life and I hadn’t seen her for a couple weeks. She surprised me with a belated birthday present and I just adore it.

My birthday boat

Isn’t that beautiful? I love the rich, vibrant, cheerful colours and I love boats of any shape and size. It’s painted on glass so it sparkles and shines and it’s also beautiful to touch. You can feel the anchor rope and oars so it must go somewhere where I can touch it occasionally and see it often. The kitchen I think.

And, as if that weren’t enough I also received other goodies by way of a thank you for house-sitting for her recently, when she had to go home to Western Australia unexpectedly for her brother's funeral. As if I need thanking – what are friends for?! It’s sheer pleasure to spend time every day in her lovely garden in the company of her lovely dogs and cat. Love the little book of poems by poet Philip Rush titled “Australian Poems that would Captivate a Koala”.

See the little gumnut bookmark sticking his head out?

And when you turn over the little gumnut there is it’s cute little bare bum.

Aww, too cute!

Who wouldn’t be smiling?!

Then there was a bottle of Boronia perfume, made from the native Aussie Boronia plant. Lovely fragrance and I just have to picture the Boronia flowers to appreciate it even more. And...and...yes, there was more! A gift voucher to the hairdresser we both go to who has recently added a beauty salon to her business.

Boronia images

How spoilt am I?


  1. Pauline, Enjoy your Boronia perfume, you will smell divine. Each Spring I buy a pot of this beautiful plant and put near the back door, so everytime I go out I get a smell of the perfume this plant exudes. Happy days.

  2. Hello Pauline, Enjoy your perfume you will smell divine. Each Spring I buy a Boronia plant from the nursery and have it near the back door. The perfume it exudes is just divine.


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